Milestones Rock.

I’m always super humbled whenever I hit a milestone.

I started this blog a little over a year ago, on June 16. Since then, I’ve migrated over to a .com from .blogspot, figured out some sort of schedule, and for the most part, found a groove that works for me. Summer schedule with two little boys has definitely forced a bit of creativity on me when it comes to posting, and I’ve been a bit lax about it – – I’d just rather be outside watching them smash chalk to smithereens on my patio than sit behind a computer — thanks for hanging in there with me.

Survival prep is a funny thing. We scramble and save and prepare for something in the hopes we’ll never ever have to use it. Well, I do anyway, there are some people who can’t wait to say, “See, I told you this country was headed for the shitter.” I’d rather live today to the fullest, not having any idea what’s coming, or if all the premonitions, or conspiracy theories, or prophesies will ever come true. I’d rather live to 112 and look back with glee knowing I outlived my wheat.

AND I’d rather have a storage of money and food on hand….just in case.

Thanks for giving me a place to spout my own personal version of nonesense, and for hanging in there with me to find the gems amid the rambling. I hope you get as much out of this as I do.

Appreciate ya!


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