In the aftershocks of Japan’s earthquake today, I am done stalling about HAM radio. Too many huge earthquakes, and we sit on a massive fault line here in Utah. 

It only takes 20% usage for the phone system to be overwhelmed. The REGULAR land line phone system.

If the power goes down, my cordless, landline phone won’t work.

If the cell phone towers are damaged, my cell won’t work (the same 20% rule also applies)

Our house is on the wrong side of a river, power lines, and too many bridges for Rockstar to get here easily or quickly if an earthquake strikes during the work day. We won’t be able to communicate. 

There are several portable HAM radios for a couple hundred bucks. has online quizzes and guides for the test. I have a local group here that gets on every Sunday night. I’m not going to wait for the Wasatch Fault to break loose before I decide to do something to fix my gaping communication hole.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the type of radio I find, and where to find it.

Prayers for Japan.
(and my bestie, who lives in Okinawa)