Greenhouse Update

Even though it’s currently trying to snow, it was a stunning Spring weekend, so we got the foundation started for the greenhouse.  I have a new appreciation for masons!

Here’s what we did this weekend.

  1. Moved the big plant that was in the way. (I’d like to tell you I transplanted it, but it was just too big….
  2. Cleared away all the bark and debris.
  3. Measured and marked the area for the greenhouse with stakes and string.
  4. Identified the lowest part and ran a level across the area so we knew how far down to set the other bricks.
  5. Started digging.
  6. Leveled each brick as we set it (which would have been much easier if we’d have dug a deeper trench and set sand in the bottom of the trench).
  7. Installed a future water line from the drip system under the bricks.
Next step….pound rebar, pour cement, set anchor bolts.

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