Today’s post is a little late…

I got to put my 20 minute bug-out list to the test.

A wildfire in my little town of Herriman consumed 10,000 acres, 4 houses and injured 2 firefighters. At last count, 1600 homes were evacuated. The evacuation included homes 2 blocks from ours and we knew we would be the next group of homes evacuated. We didn’t get evacuated (yet) though it’s noon and they still haven’t lifted the evacuation and the fire is still burning. It’s contained, but if it gets hot, or the wind picks up things may change (I hope not on all accounts.)

Since we’d just returned from camping, we left the trailer hooked up, emptied and reloaded it last night at  8 PM.

While Rockstar was handling the trailer, Littlest Monkey was asleep, and Big Monkey was watching Ice Age, I went to work on the 20 minute list. Here’s my grade:


+ The list included everything we needed
+ Everything was where it was supposed to be
+ I could do it all by myself
+ I remembered the combo to the safe without looking

– It took me 4 tries to remember the safe combo
– It took me 45 minutes because I fixed things as I went
– Several items needed to be packed better

Things I fixed:
The stuff in the safe wasn’t easy to grab. I put all the loose items in one easy to grab bag.
Photos/memorabilia weren’t together. Photos were in boxes that were too little, or overflowing the boxes. I put the photos in a suitcase, and repacked it so it’s all together in the same spot in the closet, and in fewer boxes to cart up the stairs.
I hadn’t taken the time to do a video inventory of the house. After I packed us, I made a video, logging all the items in the house.
I didn’t have a tote downstairs in the office for the electronics. I put one big enough to handle the items next to the desk, and labeled.

We had several hours to get ready. Some of the people evacuated had minutes – not 20.

If you had 20 minutes to get out, what would you take?
If you weren’t home, would your spouse know what to take, and where it is?

My 20 Minute Evacuation List hangs on the pantry door, lists the item and where it’s located. (ladies, be specific, you KNOW there’s a difference between doing a Boy-look v. a Girl-look)

I’m adding a list in the applicable rooms (i.e. office) of what that room contains and what needs to go.

Survival Test. Passed.
Next time. I get to Ace it.