What do you think? Are you interested in bringing an aquaponic system to your house? I’m going to talk my brother into putting a scaled version into his house to see the difference – and challenges.

Interested in learning more? You can head to Milwaukee and learn how to build your own system at a Growing Power’s workshop.

Participants can take one of the following breakout sessions: Compost & Vermicompost, Aquaponics, and Year-round Greenhouse Production.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

April 8-10th, 2011

May 13-15th , 2011

I also found a non-profit here in Salt Lake and have contacted them to find out what they offer : Americana
They’ll come out and build your entire system for the cost of the materials, and show you how to get it all working. Very cool – – also on the spendy side, but the cost would be recovered within the first couple years, especially if you kept it running year round.