The Blank Page.

Untouched. Unmarked. Brimming with Possibility.

And at the same time, a little terrifying.

A new year is the same. At the close of each year, I find myself looking backward in review. Always, there are misses, some big, some small, some meant to be, and it’s hard not to beat myself up over a few of them. As I turn to face the incoming year, I swear it will be better, different, stupendous. This. Is. The. Year. I. Keep. My. Resolutions.

Or not.

2011 lays before me. Blank, begging for whatever words I choose to adorn it with.

A few days ago, I heard about the most amazing concept. Go check it out in detail at My One Word. In short, it’s about putting aside the lengthy detailed New Year’s Resolutions and choosing One Word that embodies the changes you want to see in your life.

What word would you choose?

I chose the word ‘Courage,’ though it’s cheating a bit, because it became my word last May, but it has served me so well during some very difficult choices, that I wanted to keep it for one more year.

May your 2011 be everything you make it.