2 degrees!

Seriously, as I’m typing this at 9 am, it’s TWO BLOODY DEGREES outside. Last year was a balmy winter, and I have to admit, I loved every second of it. Granted, super bad for runoff to refill our lakes, but as I get older, I love the cold less and less.

My office is in the dungeon basement, and it’s cold down here. All…year…round. In the summer, the AC keeps it like a meat locker, and in the winter, it stays cold because we run the gas fireplace upstairs all the time (I say “we,” but since I work from home, that’s pretty much “me.”  Did I mention I <3 warmth?)

SO, I’ve struggled with how to keep my office warm (typing with gloves on is just plain difficult), and so far, I’ve run both a space heater and a kerosene heater. The kerosene heater was the coolest thing on the ENTIRE PLANET (my office was about 90 degrees!!) until I had to buy new kerosene at $5 a gallon. (Quick math, running a kerosene heater on high = $5/hour…oops.)

The space heater works, but it’s insanely expensive, and I’d like another power outage alternative in the house anyway. If the power goes out, we can’t flip the switch to let the gas into our fireplace, so even though we’d still have gas, there’s no override for a power outage :(

I’ve thought about putting a wood stove in the basement, but it seems like a lot of work, both on the install and the daily wood chopping, ash cleaning, fire starting. . .

Now I’m looking at one of these:mrheater

It’s a Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU natural gas heater. I figure it wil pay for itself in a month of me not using the space heater. We have a similar one in the trailer, but it’s an infrared one and it works AH-MAY-ZING! The infrared requires a constant flow of oxygen, and I’m not sure I want an open window in my office, so that’s the only reason I’m switching to the vent-free.

How do you heat small spaces in your house? Have you used one of these heaters before?

How many degrees is it at your house?

Stay warm.