The greenhouse arrived.

The seeds are ordered.

green been seedlings in growing pots

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It’s still snowing…

Apparently Mother Nature is determined to thwart my early growing efforts this year. The greenhouse arrived Friday afternoon, and the UPS guy had to trudge through 4″ of snow to get it to my porch. Then the sun came out for half an hour, and it started snowing again. Saturday: snow. Sunday: snow. Forecast for the rest of the month: rain, rain, little bit of rain.

Since it’s just a metal and poly hoop house, I could mash it in the ground over the snow and make it work, but there’s an ordinance on our property that governs the level and procedure of all installations. (which basically means I’m going to have to wait until Rockstar leaves town – or wait for it to stop snowing)

Since I couldn’t take the thing out of the box, I went to work on the guts of the thing. I picked up seed trays with pellet packs at Walmart, but they were out of the metal shelving I want for inside. I also found a local guy with heirloom vegetable seeds, so I put in my order of 23 packets of seeds. Pretty sure if I grown ONE plant I’ll have enough to feed the entire neighborhood. I might have to scale that back for this first year.

Do you have a local thrifty paper/online classifieds site? We have and it’s the local news stations, but they have become the place for all things selling/buying. I think we’ve moved tens of thousands of dollars of stuff on that site: campers, freezers, shelving, generators, and now seeds.


Ferry-Morse 5710 Jiffy-7 Pellet Greenhouse

Myers RZE0042-2 20 Count Fiber Grow Pellet Refills

Stop snowing already!!

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