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Yesterday over at the SHTF blog, Jarhead (hopefully not his real name) talked about another perspective of living in the country and asked the question: Which is better, city or country?

My answer:

I used to think a bug-out location in the middle of nowhere was the best place post-SHTF, but as I come to know my neighbors better, I think there’s nowhere that would provide greater safety than in my little half-acre surrounded by 14 houses on one block. I live in a cul-de-sac with two police officers, and the homes that border my backyard are some of my most-visited neighbors as that’s where we spend more time. I feel safe knowing someone would at least hear me scream when the zombie bikers show up.

My BIL owns 40 acres in a secure community (heavily gated roads on the side of a cliff) and I used to think I wanted to find some acreage in there because it will be easy to defend and tough to penetrate. But as I continue to hear about the in-fighting with the other landowners, I’ve started to think the threats will come from within that community, rather than outside forces.

I think the answer to this is as unique as the person answering – there are so many variables – but I think it lies somewhere around the quality of the relationships and the depth of the community whether city or rural.

What do you think? What are the pros and cons of where you live? How about your dream location?


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