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About Me.

Thanks for swinging in. There’s a little bit of everything and a whole lot of crazy going on. In addition to my own stories, I’m a professional ghost, bring other people’s stories to life.

A lot of people are curious about my passion for ghostwriting and I never set out to be a Professional Ghost, even though I did set out to be a writer. In the middle of 2013, Tom Clancy died and I was profoundly affected by his passing. I wasn’t a big fan of his work (only because I’m not smart enough for all that technical mumbo-jumbo), but I remember (vividly) an interview he did after his first book came out. He was talking about when the FBI showed up at his house demanding to know where he’d gotten all his info, “The information I use is available; it’s a matter of putting it together and making sense of it.”

He was just an ordinary guy (an insurance agent!) who became one of the world’s greatest novelists. Even though our styles were worlds apart, he inspired me and I realized that any insurance agent could write a book (I ran a multi-million dollar boutique life insurance agency in another life :)

So when he died, my first thought was, “WHAT IF HE DIED WITH A STORY STILL IN HIM!” That shook me to my core. I was devastated by what the world had missed out on by his passing.

That got me thinking: What if there were other people with stories in them, and what if they didn’t have Clancy’s ability to weave a tale? Would other people die with stories still in them?? I began to think of my own writing career and what the point was of having this gift and a sudden realization washed over me.

It was never about telling my stories . . .

. . .it was about telling all the stories.