With the holiday coming up, I thought some fireworks safety might be in order. The CDC didn’t have much to say, other than to leave fireworks to the professionals. While that is the responsible thing to do, it’s not very fun.

In keeping with our irresponsible nature over at Casa Survival, I won’t go into the method we use for our fireworks displays as example, even though it nearly guarantees a good time (and at least one minor injury).

Instead, a few common sense tips:

  • If fire danger in your area is high, don’t use any fireworks that leave the ground.
  • Light fireworks on pavement.
  • Keep a hose handy.
  • Don’t aim them at people.
  • Use a punk to light fuses.
  • After lighting fuse, run like hell.

Hoping you have a safe and fun holiday!!


Image: Chris Sharp / FreeDigitalPhotos.net