Did you know there’s landslide insurance?

Did you know it’s not the same as flood insurance?

I had no idea.

salt lake city flood image state street

But you can bet your britches I’m doing the homework today. Right now, Utah’s snow pack is at the 1983 level when City Creek flooded and turned State Street (image) into a river. Our city officials in Herriman think we’re out of the danger zone, unless we get another 140 year storm (which seem to occur every 2 years around here). But the rest of the valley is in severe flooding danger.

The biggest thing I noticed when the basement flooded last month was that I was so busy trying to control the water (which was a slow drip) I didn’t have much time to transport items. I moved them out of the way, but in the event of a massive flow of water, I would have had to choose between stopping the water, and moving the items.

If we have any [more] rivers overflow their banks this Spring, I fear a high number of homes are going to be impacted.

Back to my original question. When dirt/soil/earth [mud] is put in motion by water, it gets treated differently by insurance companies. How does your insurance company treat it? Are you covered?