I started this blog for several reasons: to give me a place to catalogue all the important survival information I find on the web, to gain exposure for my books, but m0st importantly – – because I believe if a disaster strikes, it will be mamas who will pull us through and I wanted to give them the resources to do it in bite size chunks that would actually fit in a crazy mama day.

Mamas are the pillars of our homes, our societies, our future.

I believe in the strength of all women – but no one can prepare, adapt, and plain ol’ Get-Stuff-Done quite like a mama. Chaos and unplanned events are part of every mother’s day. Things rarely go according to plan, and priorities shift throughout the day, yet mothers adapt and keep on truckin.

Who better to lead their own families (and our communities) through a disaster?

My greatest fear is that most mamas are leaving the survival prepping and planning to someone else, when they NEVER EVER leave the important stuff to someone else.

To be incredibly serious for a moment: I think some trying times are coming our way very soon. I’m not sure if it’s the financial collapse so many are warning about, or more natural disasters, or more flooding of our farmlands, but the time to be lax and soft about preparing is over. It’s time to get real – and get prepping – in true MAMA fashion.

I’m asking the mothers of the world to unite. Stand for our families and take charge of our future. I cannot imagine a fate worse than watching my own babies go hungry. Especially if I could have prevented it.

It saddens me to write a post like this, because I don’t ever want to freak you out — but I hope this freaked you out enough to head to your local cannery/grocery store/emergency prep location and gather your food storage/seeds/emergency power storage.


Image: nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net