Ghostwriting 101

What is it? Who needs it?

Jen is a true pleasure to work with. Projects always are easier when you can find a team member willing to communicate well, keep you posted on how the project is developing, is not afraid to share ideas and be responsive to new ideas. This is exactly what to expect when working with Jen. I look forward to working with her for some time to come.

An Amazing Client

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Writer to Help You Write Your Book

1. Time. Taking one idea from start to finish takes time and with so many ideas bombarding you, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

2. Steep Learning curve. Writing is something we’ve all been doing since we could hold a crayon, so it’s natural to think writing a book is easy. But even experienced writers are continually honing their craft. Not everyone has that kind of spare time.

3. Where to Start? You have an idea that might be the next Harry Potter, but where do you start? You could search the internet, but how do you find examples of book writing that perfectly meshes with your idea?

What is a ghostwriter? How does it work?

Watch this quick video:


A ghostwriter comes with the necessary expertise and experience to take your idea from seed to fully developed fruit-bearing tree. One that will continue to bear fruit over and over in the form of never-ending sales.

A ghostwriter is time. Simply put, hiring a ghostwriter is a way to extend the hours of your day so you can cross more things off your bucket list.

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