Genetically Modified Organisms and You

Spring is finally kicking Winter out of the beds around here…and Revellie is here to spread some of her wisdom just in time for the warmer weather. (it snowed on Saturday, BTW)

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This month we are going to move into the kitchen for the blog. The garden has to wait for the last frost to pass. Chickens and Turkeys aren’t born yet (still in the incubator) and I want Josh to help me write the blog on goats.

We have been trying to eliminate GMO food products (Genetically Modified Organism). Luckily this is most processed food so since we don’t buy too much of that to begin with we are pretty safe. However, when it comes to things like peanut butter, jam, bread, etc we have to be more careful. I make as much as I can at home and look for organic or non-GMO labeled foods. (on a side note, please be aware that companies that use GMO do not want companies that do not to have the right to label food as “non-GMO”).

What is a GMO?

GMO plants have been altered to take on a specific trait. For example corn has been genetically altered to produce its own pesticide. This is weird because I never thought of my food as needing a dual purpose…”hmmm you know what would make this corn on the cob even better? The ability to kill bugs.”

What foods to stay away from?

soy, corn, and sneaky products made from them (ascobic acid, lecithin, vegetable oils, Baking Powder
Cellulose, Ethyl acetate, Fructose, Fumaric Acid, Gluten, Invert Sugar, Saccharin, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Xanthan Gum, Xylitol)

Please know that we are not 100% non-GMO but we are trying. And its important to keep in mind that I like 2 words…”easy” and “inexpensive”. Making it myself saves money so then I can buy organic for the things that I don’t want to make. So how do I do this for my family? I have linked to some of the recipes I have used and liked. :)

Baking Powder:

Substitute 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar and 1/4 tsp. baking soda for each teaspoon of baking powder called for in the recipe.

Vegetable Oils:

We spend the extra money for non-GMO canola oil, organic olive oil, and coconut oil.


use arrow root


We just say no.

Diet soda:

I love diet soda so this one is hard for me. Zevia is really expensive so we don’t buy it that often. Blue Sky makes one with stevia as well and is less expensive.

Peanut Butter:

The stuff in the jar is full of oils that are corn based. Find an organic, non-gmo jar of peanut butter (I found one at the chain grocery store down the street from our house) or use the peanut butter machine at the store.


These are usually full of some sort of corn syrup or if they are organic they are outrageously priced. We make our own freezer jam without pectin. I look for fruit on sale and freeze it. Or I buy frozen organic fruit.

Bread: we make our own but there should be a local bread store in your town. I made my own french bread over the weekend. It was amazing.


Make your own. Just throw things in a pot with some stock. For example: 3 cups stock, 2 cups tomato sauce, some milk, some arrowroot (to thicken), oregano, salt and pepper make a great tomato soup that was super fast and easy (dinner and dishes done by 7pm last night). The kids at it all up!


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