Warning: Randomness ensues here.

When I write, I work on 3-4 projects at a time, so keeping my blog from having ADD just isn’t possible.  (we all know I’ve tried)


In an attempt to at least keep me kind of focused and less of a pantster (OMG, I could totally go off on an ADD tangent here…must…resist) I’ve created a schedule — of sorts — so you at least know what you’re gonna get.

  • Wednesday ~ Writer Wednesday: Posts about writerly things–my works, other writer’s works, book reviews, panster v. plotter
  • Weekends – Notes from the Garden: Posts about FOOD! Harvesting it, planting it, storing it, keeping track of it, eating it
  • Mondays – Surviving: All things emergency prep and survival. Skills, tools, ideas that make you go Hmmm, constructions (in my house, that’s a word–come see if it should be one in yours too)

(HA — see how I did that….totally didn’t put them in the “right” order…get used to it ;)

….and as always…thank you for coming to visit.