I’ve been to France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and a few random Caribbean islands.


Sadly, I speak English.


I took Spanish in college, and spent enough time in France to pick up a few phrases, but not enough to carry on a conversation.  If I have regrets, not learning another language is probably one.


With the internet, it’s becoming easier and easier to learn things we want to know.  Unfortunately, the internet relies on our infrastructure of power, so it might not always be around in the event of a disaster.  Yesterday, hubs used youtube to learn how to fix both a dryer and car window issue.  I looked up a recipe and searched for repair parts. It’s a huge part of my life.


But am I really using it to the absolute fullest?  Here in the US, the Latin population is on the rise, quickly becoming the largest segment of people, and will continue to do so. Being able to communicate with neighbors and friends is critical in the event of an emergency, but what about my neighbors who speak Spanish? What if I’m on vacation in Mexico when The SHTF?


In an effort to fully prepare, I’d like to learn Spanish.  The boys are both learning it in school, and living where I live, I feel like it’s the most likely language I’ll encounter….and one that very well may save a life.  I’ve used Live Mocha in the past and really really liked it, but it’s time-consuming to learn a new language.


I found this list of apps and am going to start by trying the free ones. I figure if I dedicate even half the time I spend on my social media apps to learning spanish I’ll be fluent by the end of the month!!


What about you? What’s your native language? Are there other languages that could be beneficial in an emergency? What apps or online resources have you found that you really like?






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