If you tuned in for yesterday’s post about walkability, the concept sounded very cool:

Rate your town’s walkability score.

After a few followers commented about their low scores, I started looking at what goes into a walkability score, and stumbled across the highest rated towns in my state: DANGERTOWN USA.

Now, we don’t exactly have gangs and ghettos around here, but there are a few places that I wouldn’t love to be after dark. Guess which ones have the highest walkability score?? Yep, the not-so-safe-after-dark ones.

WTH walkscore.com??  Fail.

A town should loose a few points for the crime ratio. If I NEED car door locks….that’s NOT a plus for walkability.

I made a few comments on the blog portion of their site….and will stay tuned to see when I can suggest this as a REAL option in the future.

Walkable I want:

Walkable I don’t:

Thanks for playing along….