How do you know when to plant?

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Even though it’s snowing (AGAIN) I’m itching to get out and start planting. The greenhouse request has been denied by management (who can blame him, really, given my track record) so I needed to figure out when I can start sticking stuff outside.

I have 8 raised beds, and I’m doing a better job of planning this year so I don’t have 2 zucchini and 2983 tomatoes. We don’t even eat tomatoes….

I used the hardiness calculator to determine my last frost date (at my EXACT location) and plugged it into this handy calculator to figure out when I can start seeds, and get a head start on everything without botching it.

Which means I can start planting:

2/27 Sow onion, celery and celeriac seeds indoors (11 weeks before last frost).

3/13 Sow broccoli, kale, cool weather lettuce, escarole, eggplant and thyme seeds indoors (9 weeks before last frost).

3/20 Sow pepper seeds indoors (keep temp above 78*F for germination). Also sow indoors marigold, parsley, basil and

beet seeds. (8 weeks before last frost).

And I’m anxiously awaiting:

4/1 Start watching the soil for the first direct planting! As soon as the soil can be worked its time to sow peas, fava

beans, arugula and radish directly in the garden (up to 6 or 7 weeks before last frost). (Note: In warmer climates, where the

soil doesn’t freeze, this tool may not give an appropriate pea planting date. Check with local gardeners for best date.)

4/3 Sow tomato seeds indoors. Sow cabbage seeds indoors. (6 weeks before last frost).


I wonder how long it will take to get the greenhouse? :P


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