For the most part, it was a losing weekend:

University of Utah Utes: Fail
Miami Dolphins: Fail

But, there, in my Inbox, a glimmer of success:
I was chosen to participate in a review of the TEK∙S safety training course.
I won a copy of the P90X Workout.

Both got me thinking about the physical aspects of an emergency. I’ve been strategic and methodical about planning my food storage, water storage, and bug-out essentials. But what about my physical preparation? I’m in no shape to chop wood, haul water, and till acres of dirt for anything longer than a day.

I’m pretty excited about starting the P90X program, and I’m going to use it to kick off my new dedication to physical preparedness. I doubt I’ll need to store any weights, there will be plenty to keep me in shape, but the mental toughness that comes with Yoga will be a valuable ‘axe’ in my ‘tool box’.

As for the lottery, sometimes I worry I won’t have the resources to buy everything I need before a disaster shows up. It sure would make life easier, for now, I guess I’ll just keep preparing, one sale at a time.

Today’s Monday Mingle: