The Cholera outbreak in Haiti is concerning me. I did some research and Cholera was nearly non-existent in Haiti before the Hurricane. It is only because of the shortage of clean water Cholera has been able to claim over 300 lives there. It’s not a vaccine most people ever think of, because it’s simple to prevent. Clean water is the only thing needed. My house boasts an endless supply of clean water.

On a normal, non-disaster day.

Cholera is a simple bacterial infection in the intestine, with a short incubation period and causes victims to suffer from severe dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting, and eventually death.

In the event of a disaster here at home, the same fate may await.

I have a severe shortage of stored water. Although I’ve been working my way, if a disaster struck today, I have less than a week of clean water available. Not cool.

I should have 1-2 gallons per person, per day. 

Four people x seven days x two gallons = FIFTY-SIX gallons

I found this cool, fairly inexpensive water storage tank from a company called SureWater. The smaller tank is 275 gallson for $479. Not a bad deal. And 275 gallons is over a month of water (look at me, cracking out all this math – – feel free to ignore any mistakes)

While I’m working on saving up the $500 to snag one of these…I’m going this route:

This Survival Mama has some fantastic ideas about vacuum-sealing water in two cup portions and freezing the bags. She double seals them and sticks them in the deep freeze. Brilliant. To meet the fifty-six gallon requirement for a week of clean water, I’ll need 448 bags. Um….wow.

Maybe I can meet somewhere in the middle. Either way, time to get going.