Kristen Lamb Asks…

I love reading Kristen Lamb’s Blog. A) because she finds hysterical/emotionally charged photos to go with her posts. B) she challenges me to think.

Today she asked:

Are we born to create?

Here’s my answer: (and it starts with a story)

I come from a family of creative geniuses. My mother’s entire family is blessed with one creative vein or another, and she passed it on to both me and my little brother. Unfortunately, it also came with healthy servings of Fear and Resistance.

Last week I had a long conversation with my little brother about his creativity v. his job. He’s a trained chef, schooled at the New England Culinary Institute, with a gift of genius when it comes to anything related to food….who currently works at Dish Network. See, that’s where the fear came in…

Our DNA seems to hold more Fear than Talent…..and that’s a SHITLOAD of Fear, because the Talent is immense and nearly immeasurable.

Fear is a funny thing. It makes you believe you’re the only one who has it – tells you everyone else is better than you, fails to let on that it’s already infused everyone else with demons and is feeding them the same line of bullshit. It’s just you that’s the failure, your talent that’s crap, and you‘d be better off giving up and getting a “real” job before you starve. Fear weaves the poetry of the story so well it’s impossible not to believe.

The truth? I think Fear is a lonely bitch who knows if you ever get a taste of your talent, you’ll walk away and never look back. So Fear sets you up for failure (or never trying) then says, “See, very scary out there in the big nasty world, you should stay here with me: comfortable, safe, warm.”

I think the trick is faking Fear out, using a lot of “mmmhmms, you’re rights, and ahs” while plotting your escape. Then you make a rolling dive through the door, run like hell, and never look back.

That’s my plan, anyway.

Because I WAS born to create.


What about you?