the Legend of Jevalya

a middle grade fantasy



The countdown for Mark’s move to Michigan is ticking down the final month. His buddies, Lia and Alexander, aren’t faring much better. Alexander’s break is loaded with summer school, and Lia’s brother is headed back to the hospital for more chemotherapy.


When the bell rings for the last day of sixth grade, they vow to make the best of their break. Their plans go awry when a magical horse intervenes before bullies pummel Mark.


After a quick introduction, Venitel tells the trio about protectors—twin horses born to every human child, called gemini, and charged with protecting the gemini from danger and harm. He’s been on the run with the other protectors since evil unicorns destroyed their home, Jevalya.


Worried about finding Lia and Mark’s protectors before they turn twelve and sever the bond, Venitel takes the kids to what’s left of his home. Even with the crumbled ruins of the stable, Jevalya is filled with an explosion of sound and smells. Peacocks serve as guardians, and have worked to rebuild Jevalya. They grant the gemini access to Jevalya in return for their help.


The guardians agree that unicorns were involved, and worry that Venitel’s best friend, the prince Tabrey, might have been as well. Now they must find out what really happened that night in Jevalya, and who holds the blue crystal–a magical totem the unicorns will stop at nothing to possess.