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Alterations. Rebooted.

I know a lot of you have watched every version of these books. The first cover. The second covers. The turmoil of me trying to figure this series out.

I’ve never given up on it; though it may have seemed like it at times when I’ve gone off on this series or that one, or when I published Night Storm (can we all just forget about that??). All I’ve ever wanted was to figure out how to get readers to take a journey into this world.

I’m grateful for every one of you who did, who keep reading, who keep telling your friends.

As I worked through the reboot of the third book, I couldn’t help but figure some things out about Tesla and how he wasn’t really a side player, that he never had been, even when Evy and Ilif chatted about him so casually in the first book. If you’ve had even the most casual interaction with me, you know how passionate I am about Tesla, about his life, about how I think he got shorted on the credit that’s due to his contributions to his life. I want more people to know about him, and I want people who already do to come visit his portrayal in these books.

STORM FRONT was my chance to bring him back. The reboot was a chance to put his name on all the books, not just on Shadow Boxer, and not just as a supporting character. Nikola is as much a part of this series as Evy and Constantine. He is as much her team as Tiana and Papi and Ilif.

And about the elephant in the room………… Amazon v. Nook v. iBooks….. For now, I’m putting the series up on Kindle Unlimited, which means I give Amazon the exclusive chance to have the series. B&N is doing away with Nook, iBooks is struggling to keep up with Amazon, leaving me trying to decide where you guys want to go to read the books. For now, it’s only on Amazon. If that leaves you out, please drop me a line and we’ll figure it out. If I need to put the books on here so you can download them to your nook, I will. I don’t want to exclude those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning.

I’m excited to hear what you all think about STORM FRONT. We’re in the final countdown and for those of you’ve who’ve pre-ordered, it hits your kindle at midnight on March 23. If you haven’t had a chance to leave a review for Lightning Rider, or Shadow Boxer, will you do that before STORM FRONT comes out? Every review is HUGE in how Amazon treats these books and I don’t need them to be 5 stars, or long, or poignant. They can be 20 words, they can be all the same word ;) but they help readers decide to take a chance on me, an author they’ve never heard of before. You guys already know how much you enjoy these books, a minute of your time can help bring another reader along for the journey.



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