I’m so sad The Women’s Conference is over. Only 363 days until next year’s.

With Maria Shriver stepping down from her post as First Lady of California, (Oh, Wait, it’s the Governator stepping down) it will be interesting to see what becomes of this amazing event. It’s been going on for 20 something years, started by a First Lady of California long ago, and became a part of the lives of each incoming Governor’s Wife.

With the grace and style of everything she does, Maria turned this into the largest Women’s Conference in the world. I’ve loved every moment of the last two days, but the one that stuck with me, and will forever be a new divining rod for me, came from a discussion between Elizabeth Lesser (co-founder of The Omega Institute) and Sally Field.

Elizabeth said:
The moment we become Mamas, we become fierce protectors. It’s time to take that same Mama fierceness and apply it to our workplaces and the world.


May you approach everything you do today with the same mama fierceness you defend your babies.