My first book for kids comes out on Friday, September 26 and there’s a special pre-order price for my super fans! (If you guys like it. will you leave a review? xo, Jen)

This is also the first time I’ve combined my two loves–horses and books. Walker co-authored this book with me and the pen name (figured we better keep it separate from all the naughty bits!) is a mashup of the boys’ names.



Have you bought into the lies unicorns have been telling for centuries?

The legend of Jevalya has been lost for thousands of years, buried by unicorns.

They can’t keep it a secret any longer.


Emma’s life has gone straight crazy. First it’s the swimsuit disaster at Kasi’s sucktastic summer pool party, and then she almost gets flattened by a car. The weird part? The person who saved her isn’t even a person–he’s a horse. A talking horse. Venitel, her savior, is from a land where strangeness abounds, from the flowers that smell like buttered popcorn to the horses sworn to protect kids.

But the Protectors are disappearing, kidnapped by a dark force that leaves few clues behind and Emma is the only one who can find them. Can she summon the courage to find the Protectors before her own world–and all her friends–are left defenseless forever?

Pre-order price is only $0.99!


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