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I’m devastated.

My brother, the famous chef (If you’re ever in Steamboat Springs, I’ll hook you up with his info), turned me on to this fabulous service called, Door to Door Organics. Have you ever wanted organics, but the stuff at the grocery store is too expensive, looks like it’s traveled way too far on a truck, or consists of a carrot and two heads of lettuce?

For $22 to $38, Door to Door Organics will deliver organics direct to your door. This week’s Bitty Box ($22.66) contains these goodies:

Local Pie Pumpkin 1
Roma Tomatoes  
Romaine Lettuce  
Local Red Beets bunch  
Bosc Pears  
Fuji Apples  
Valencia Oranges  
Bananas 2

Did you see the $22 part? For Organics? TO MY DOOR??!!

Yeah, that last part – enter devastation.

They won’t deliver to MY door. *sob*  (that’s crying, not “Why, you Son Of A B….)

AND for all of you near the Colorado/Kansas City/Chicago/Michigan areas you can even put it on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule so this divine goodness shows up at your door, while you’re at work, every week.

I’m SO sad….

Maybe they’ll come to Utah soon.

This week’s Traveling Through Thursday hop:

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