Have you heard about 1BOG? It’s a community of users working together to bring solar to their neighborhood at cheaper prices through quantity. Basically, the more users who are interested in solar, the cheaper the price.

It takes a certain number of users in an area to tip a deal (think Groupon) and SLC is still lagging behind. Are you signed up for your area (tip the deal for your neighbors, even if you’re not interested…)

Now they have a new tool to estimate your monthly solar savings. You input you address and it pulls up a google earth map, you outline your roof, indicate the compass orientation, and it tells you how much you’d save with solar generating a portion of your energy. Pretty cool.

(At current rates, it will still take me 25 years to pay off the panels, at my $40/month savings, but as more people get solar, the price will continue to drop)

What’s your savings?

Online Solar Estimate Tool – Estimate Solar Panel Cost | 1BOG.org.