Power. It’s not just for breakfast.

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Image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now that we’re headed in to Spring (at least according to the calendar) the need for emergency power should be decreasing. I don’t need it to keep us warm, and I can BBQ outside, so cooking would be handled. There’s no snow between the house and the trailer, so I have access to all my camping equipment.

So why would I need back-up power in the summer?

I would need it for my computer.

…and not just for posting on facebook…

My battery only lasts 2.5 hours (IF I’m fully charged!) Half the time I leave the laptop unplugged, so it’s hardly ever fully charged. If we had a storm or other disaster knock out my power, I’d have a tough time.

Since I work from home – this could be a MAJOR issue.

How would a power outage impact your day? Would it be business as usual? What electronic appliances would be affected? Would it make a difference if the outage was on a weekend?

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