What About Car Preparedness?

I’m working my way through the TEK-S safety course, and one piece that really stuck out was a question in the Evaluation:

Do you always have spare cash in your front pocket, in case of emergencies?

Uh, no.

Hell, I hardly have cash on me. Period. Let alone somewhere smart, like a front pocket.

So there I was today, first day on the new job, happily taking a lunch break – when, whamo – my annual lock the keys in the car fest.


But I’m THE Survival Mama. So I run into Subway, no wire hangers. Next door to the tailor shop – hanger. I’m outside, hanger jammed through the window in two minutes flat, curved around pushing the unlock button.


This goes on for several minutes. (PS – NONE of the 7.5 men who walked by stopped to help!!) I finally figure out my car has a super safety feature whereby if you lock the car, THEN shut the door, it won’t open via the button. It’s a friggin Highlander – really?? People steal those via a coathanger??!

There happened to be a jiffy lube across the street, and a tow truck in the mexican joint next door. Me with NO cash to bribe a helpful unchivalrous fellow. This isn’t the first time a little cash would have gone a LONG way to speed up my pain relief. 

Major lessons today about preparedness outside my food storage pantry:
1. Be present! No more talking on the phone during critical decision making times.

2. Hide a key ON the car. Start using the keyfob to lock the door.

3. Cash on me AT ALL TIMES. No spending that emergency cash for anything other than emergencies!

Thankfully, chivalry showed up in a brand new silver stallion – Rockstar’s Rockstar Boss came and rescued me. Yay for chivalry – it’s there, disguised as nice guys.