Great way to harvest rainwater with a brilliant manifold connecting all the barrels for about $50 and 220 gallons.

NOTE: A friend of mine mentioned water laws, and since that sounded like something my state would have, I looked it up. Until May of 2010 it was illegal to harvest rainwater (WTF?) but here’s the deal now:
Rainwater harvesting is now legal in the state of Utah, starting May 11 2010. Senate Bill 32 was approved in the 2010 session that provides for the collection and use of precipitation without obtaining a water right after registering with the Division of Water Rights. There is no charge for registration.
Storage is limited to one underground 2500 gallon container or two above ground 100 gallon containers. Collection and use are limited to the same parcel of land owned or leased by the rainwater collector.


What are the laws in your state?