That was awkward.

billboard rapture

I’ll admit I poked some fun at the Rapture Prediction over the weekend, it was good fodder for jokes, and a nice stress relief for an otherwise serious topic. I hope you had some fun with it too…and didn’t worry or stress. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we DID know the exact date and time of a disaster? We could assemble our family in the proper place, have all our gear and emergency at the ready, double-check our CERT notebook for the specific techniques we’d need…..

But disasters don’t work like that.

We don’t get a head’s up. We’re forced to improvise – sometimes without the communication, roads, or people we rely on. Disasters show up when we’re in the middle of the rest of our lives – not conveniently at 6 PM on a Saturday.

In order to accomplish the best possible outcome we must plan, prepare, practice….and then go about our lives with the hope we will never, ever have to put those skills and resources to the test.

Have a Great Week!

Image shared from Stephen Bean’s Facebook page.