My very first check-in!!!

Every Sunday, I get to check in to Round 3 of ROW80 and let the gang know how I did for my goals this week.

Goal: 1,500 words/day.

Actual: 800 – 1,000 words/day

I missed my goal, but I’m feeling good about the words I’m accruing. I think because of the outlining, my scenes are tighter, and have a very specific purpose. At the beginning of every scene I’m checking in on the outline, making sure I know the purpose and the emotional beat that’s driving the scene, so I feel like there will be less fall-out later when I’m editing. Maybe 800-1,000 this way is the equivalent to 1,500 the old way??

I’m almost tied into the existing sections of the book, but as I came across the first scene I’m noticing the characters are different enough I may end up re-writing the whole thing — I’m trying not to be daunted by that prospect….

Excited to hear how everyone else did…