Full Steam Ahead!

Whew, 30 days completed of my Round of Words in 80 days challenge.

To recap – this is how I wanted my 120k words to shake out by the end of the challenge:

  1. CHARGED – complete. At least on version of edits complete.
  2. Book 2 – outlined, first draft complete.
  3. HACKER (short story) – complete.

Last week frigging rocked. I met my writing goal every day, and made up a bit for the weeks prior. The new stuff seamlessly lined up with the old – – and added a stunning new conflict.

This week I slayed the dragon of Resistance!

Oh, I also started using Scrivener – it’s amazing. I haven’t used outlining software before, but this is the whole package – corkboard for index notes/outline that you can move around – word processor – ability to quickly grab sections that need to be compared, or edited together – – HIGHLY recommend.

Next week’s gonna be just as Bad Ass – – you wait and see :)

Writers: how did July treat you and your WIP?