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 RV Kitchen Backsplash Upgrade

Um… You all know that I have a bit of a distraction problem *squirrel!!*

On a rainy weekend when I was supposed to be cleaning the trailer, I couldn’t stop frowning at our boring wallboard that is about as lame and builder-grade as they come. But I wasn’t sure what I could do about it, or if I could even paint over it. I did some research to see if anyone had ever done it before and (got distracted) and found this killer backsplash in an RV where they’d used regular house tile and grout to make this look stunning.


It looks so cute, but I was worried about all the goat trails we go on and that we’d end up bouncing the tiles right off. (It’s not like we ever end up in a regular campground!)

Then I found this backsplash:


it’s PAINT!

No, really!! Click that link to see how she did it.

Armed with some serious excitement, (and while hubs thought I was busy cleaning :) I ran to Home Depot, and grabbed some supplies to get started.

  • Drywall mud
  • Drywall mud spatula
  • Drywall sandpaper
  • 220 Grit sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes and sponges — assorted sizes
  • Kilz primer (in the color you want your grout lines)
  • Assorted colors of acrylic craft paint (I used the little bottles from Hobby Lobby)
  • Paper plates
  • Thin painters tape (Gorilla or Frog)
  • Rulers and Levels


To prep the (standard issue RV) wallboard:

  • Sand the existing walls (I used 220 grit). Be sure to get the edges really good! If you don’t then the top layer of paint will come off when you take the tape off.
  • There are usually seams between the wallboard, but normal drywall mud works perfect (you can see some in my Before picture). Use the mud to cover any seams or screw holes from curtains or anything in your area.
  • Paint a layer of the white Kilz primer (This becomes your grout lines between the painted tiles.)
  • Let it dry and then start the insane job of taping off the tiles. I will not kid you, this part takes for-EH-VER! I used some blue auto pin-striping tape we had laying around until I ran out, and then used the green frog tape that Beth recommends. (Though now I like the gorilla tape a LOT better–it’s what I used on the brown paper floor when I did the “rug”)
  • I wanted my tiles to look the same as Beth’s narrow ones, so I used her tips and tricks on the math and marking out a metal ruler so they’d be straight and level across the whole space. (Seriously recommend you go check out her post because I followed it step by step).
  • Once the tape was up, I ran my fingers over it a hundred times to make sure the paint wouldn’t leak under, then used Beth’s tip to paint over it again with the Kilz to seal the seams. BUT, if you do this, you’ve got to move FAST FAST FAST because once all this paint dries it will pull away with the tape and you’ll have touch up to do.
  • Paint the tiles. I mixed and matched six different colors that matched my new comforter in the master bedroom makeover. And seriously, you just have to jump in and get crazy with the mixing and painting and slopping it in the tiles in total randomness. Yes it will look like ASS when you’re done and before you take the tape off, but don’t be scared! Take the tape off and you’ll be AMAZED!
  • MISTAKES I made:
    • Work fast!!!!! I let the paint dry WAY too long and ended up taking off quite a bit of it when I peeled my tape. The MOMENT you finish painting your tiles, get that tape off!
    • Sand more than you think you need, especially if it’s a camper you’ve cooked in before (or maybe I’m just such a crappy cleaner that my walls were extra dirty).




IMG_1589   IMG_1590







I absolutely love it and the pictures probably don’t do it justice, but no one knows it’s paint until they look super close. (And I know that close-up really shows the issues with the “grout” lines.)

Let me know if you decide to do this to your RV. I’d love to see pictures of how it turns out.

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