I feel like I’ve been harping on this time management subject…but this is a really good article that compares a few of the top social media dashboards so I can run everything from ONE place.

Hootsuite is my dashboard of choice….though I’ll admit I didn’t know I could run ALL those programs that the article mentions. Super cool.

I like having a dashboard because it helps me control the amount of time I spend on the sites. I can get sucked in so easily and


there goes an hour….

Now that I’m about to dive back into major edits on Lightning Rider I know I’ll have to keep my facetweetpinning to a minimum. I’ve started scheduling tweets and fb posts, and that helps a bit…totally open to any great suggestions.

How do you manage all your social media? Can you get in and out easily, or do you get sucked in like I do? What’s your favorite social playground?