USDA Furlough

Politics makes me cranky. As such, I tend to stay on the fringe. However, when decisions start impacting my dinner table, staying on the fringe isn’t safe or smart.


The budget deadline is March 1. If a deal isn’t reached, government employees are going to be furloughed. One set of employees are USDA inspectors. If they aren’t inspecting food, it doesn’t get to your grocery store. Period.


The furlough could last three weeks.


Immediate impact includes meat and dairy:

  • All meat
  • Milk, cheese, butter


Do you have enough of those on hand RIGHT NOW to last you three weeks???


I have enough meat because we just got a 1/4 of a buffalo, so my freezer is stocked. But at a gallon a day, we’re out of milk in a week. I buy cheese twice a week. Luckily, both freeze, and I do have powdered milk, so I can switch that out every other day (not a good idea to use up all the regular milk first, THEN switch to powdered — also, use a regular milk jug to “disguise” the powdered stuff.)


I can’t imagine produce not being impacted by this as well. Fresh produce is tough to stock up on, but we can go to canned fruit, and frozen veggies.


Hopefully, this won’t last 3 weeks — and/or the USDA and government will figure out a better solution, but when the tab is $85 million, I’m not sure how they’re going to get around cutting some important peeps. (because all peeps are important!)


Are any of you impacted by the upcoming furloughs if they go through?

Happy food storage stocking,






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