I decided my birthday would be a great day to sit down and update The Survival List. I pared it down from the global Holy-Crap-I-Have-A-Ton-To-Do List to an easier to manage What-Needs-To-Get-Done-This-Year List.

I tripped over this amazing calculator last week to figure out my current impact. It’s a great resource to dial in what gets to happen in the next 12 months.

In case you missed it, I’m no greenie.

I’m interested in lowering my impact to know I can power everything in my world with alternative power sources. If I can dial it down, it will take fewer solar panels to run my life (read: cheaper). I’m willing to switch lightbulbs so I can still run the dishwasher after the EOWAWKI

Seriously, if The End Of the World As We Know It means I have to do dishes….I’m out. Oh, dear, and hanging clothes on the line…See, that’s why we have to figure this stuff out NOW.

I digress. (That’s what happens when I think about hand-washing dishes.) 

I have a little of everything on there, like: 

  • Change out the rest of the lighbulbs.
  • Double the efficiency of the garden.
  • Install solar panels on the trailer.
  • Complete food storage (that’s a big one – for a family of four, for a year!). I did manage to organize the pantries over the weekend and moved the food storage downstairs, catalogued the meager items I have, and made a specific list of what’s left. 

Going forward through the year, I’m going to track my progress (why, yes, here, on this Survival Blog) and see how it goes. 

Wanna come with, or are you willing to hand wash your dishes?

51 Weeks left, wow there’s a lot to do…