Searching for Answers…

In Memory

How are you doing?  Are you holding up?  Every time I think I’ve finally got it together and can make it for an hour without tearing up, I catch a news story, or something on the radio about Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut, and I’m a sobbing mess again.

As a writer, I tend to want to write a new ending for things, or at least research enough that I can find an answer that makes me feel better when things like this happen. But, as a mom, I know that no answer will be enough.

I hope you’re getting through this the best way you know how. I pray that the lesson in this is not to blame, or legislate, or pass new laws, but to get to the real problem — that we need more love, and less hate, and more acceptance (not tolerance), and less judgement. We all come from different backgrounds, and grew up with different feelings about guns, and safety, and mental health issues, but I pray this will not be something that divides us even further, but an event that will bring us together, because we all understand the importance of our children–yours, mine, theirs. We have to set ego and pride aside and ensure the lives that were wrenched from this earth on Friday will not have been lost in vain.

Namaste friends. <3

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