Thanks to the recent hubbabaloo, there was a teeny incident with my contacts. I *um* put them in the trailer when I thought we were evacuating so I would have them wherever we ended. What I didn’t anticipate was not getting evacuated and Rockstar taking it to the trailer store the next morning to fix the awning we broke on The Camping Trip From Hell.
I’m not exactly blind, but my eyes are bad enough for it to be a remarkable inconvenience if I’m not wearing my contacts. Yes, I have glasses, but here’s the 411 on those:
I have one pair from 1982, you know, that pair for dire emergencies, that isn’t the right prescription, are gawd awful ugly, but I’m afraid to get rid of them. They’re also in the trailer.
I broke down about 2 years ago and bought a really nice pair. Pretty green rectangle frames, correct prescription, actually corrects for my astigmatism. I even wore them out in public occasionally. Then my adorable 9 month old (Big Monkey) snapped one of the earpieces off. 
So I’m wearing those – with tape – in public.
I wear the Freshlook Colors (I was a vampire before they were cool) and tend to run all the way out before I order more – not the best survival prep. Somehow I’m down to ONE contact?? 
I have new contacts on order, but this is making me seriously consider Lasik. Something I’ve taken a stand against since the beginning. If they screw up your knee surgery, you limp a little. If they screw up your eye surgery??????
Several people have mentioned how much they love it, and I’ve never actually met anyone who hasn’t. My only negative experience is a few 20 Minutes episodes. Tiger Woods had his done here somewhere. I’m going to do some research and see what I can find out. I think what I spend in contact solution every year would pay for the surgery. (seriously, it’s $9 a bottle)

If you see me, in public, with my tape on my glasses…please don’t laugh.