I’ve been invited to participate in the BLOGMANIA 2011 Dream team’s Holiday Entertaining Extravaganza.

What’s on my entertaining/holiday survival bug-out list?

Like everything on a bug-out list, some things are non-negotiable, and critical to survival. During the holiday season, I get a little Martha Stewart, and my house looks like it could be a display at Nordy’s.

  1. Cinnamon Sticks and Apple Cider simmering on the stove.
  2. Every space above cabinets and bookcases is filled with greenery, white lights, and presents.
  3. Color coordinated tree. Probably blue and silver again this year.
  4. OUTSIDE lights. Seriously, you can see my house from outer space. One day, after I publish this book, and I’m rolling in dough, I WILL have one of those musical displays – you know, where the lights dance to the music? I think, when I’m rich, I’ll also do a magical pathway through the backyard with ANOTHER billion lights.
  5. At least one party in my home. Which turns into several. I make up for all my hermitness during the holidays.
  6. Advent Wreath. A couple years ago, I found a super cool one at Target. It’s a little house, and I get to fill the little doors with whatever I choose. Last year I created little papers with bible verses, and fun activities ranging from building snowmen to taking food to the shelter.
  7. Family. Dad and brother don’t live close, but we’re always together for the holidays. It doesn’t make up for not seeing them all year, but I’m glad we get to hang out during such a special time.

What’s on your holiday survival list?