In the afterglow of all the Christmas exchanges, the seed exchange from Heirloom Seed Swap guarantees you won’t end up with some crazy sweater or a scale (seriously, someone brought scales to our exchange last night – and not a cool weigh-your-wheat one – an actual bathroom scale)

The Seed Swap site has some awesome post-apocalyptic goodies:

Red Russian Tobacco – you know that’s going to be a major trade item for all the smokers who burned their last pack.

Heirloom Butternut Squash  – the trader says this one grows well in the city – anytime you can pick up a hearty seed, it’s a good idea

Apricots – I’m amazed at how quickly these grow and bear fruit

All the trades are FREE – pretty great resources too, and people looking for the seeds out of your garden.

You may not be able to trade the ugly sweater – maybe if you call it a survival sweater??