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“I had to keep reminding myself to breathe while reading, I was so caught up in the story!”

Shadow Boxer

Tesla Time Travelers Series. Book 2.

With the man she loves stuck in ancient Spain, her mentor kidnapped, and her father refusing to embrace their destiny as the only family with the ability to alter history, Evy must go back to work as the lone female lightning rider.

She’ll get a chance to see Constantine when she arcs back to Ancient Rome, but this time he won’t know her. And she’ll have no way to warn him that she’s come to save his daughter.

Even with a success, there won’t be time for his praise, swept into the biggest part of her mission—befriending the super-genius Nikola Tesla at the request of both Ilif and Penya for very different reasons. Tesla’s world-changing patents are at stake and Evy must keep them out of the wrong hands—but does she know who to trust?

Nikola and his work will reveal more questions than answers and force Evy to explore not only her ability as a rider, but as a woman.