beans in heart

When it’s snacktime, I’m a fan of anything crunchy, whether it’s chips, or pretzels, or apples. Unfortunatley, it’s usually more likely to be chips than apples…

But the last time I was at the cannery, I was introduced to The Best Snack in The World:

Dehydrated Refried Beans

Stop that gagging noise, I’m serious…

I’ll admit, it took me a second to get over the fear to try them – I’m not one for adventure when it comes to eating – but one bite got me hooked. In their dehydrated form, the beans are basically teeny, tiny chips, and I put them in a bowl and snack on them at my desk. They’re filling, they’re yummy, they’re incredibly healthy.

They’re also the ultimate power food to pack in a bug-out kit in the car, light enough to pack in a backpack, or stash on the snowmobile. Pound for pound you’d probably have to pack 10x the weight in jerky to accomplish the same nutritional punch.

Give them a shot – and let me know what you think.


Image: smokedsalmon /