NYT Bestselling Author, Scuba Diver, Spelunker; James Rollins is the definition of Survival.

His new book, THE DEVIL COLONY, comes out in a few more days, on June 21st, and I CANNOT wait! It promises to be intense and gripping – and I didn’t think he could pack any more of either into his books! Here’s a little video about the book:

Now you want to go read it too, don’t you???!

I was introduced to James about 5 years ago when he spoke at the PNWA conference. I admired him instantly because he spoke about stick-to-it-iveness: if you have a dream hold on tight to it and to never, ever let anyone twist it from your grasp. Apparently, when he was a budding writer, a certain bestselling author (who writes mysteries) gave a speech and told the entire room they’d never amount to anything, that writing was hard work, and they might as well quit. Thank goodness James walks down the other side of the road, and chose to give us a rousing speech about perseverance, the beauty of writing, and the sense of accomplishment when chasing a dream.

After I got home from the conference I read every one of his books, and along the way he’s become one of my absolute favorite authors. His books are thrillers in every sense of the word and his cast of characters grow and are people I love spending time with.

SO – I get to help kick off his worldwide tour of THE DEVIL COLONY.


1. You get to shoot over to Kristen Lamb’s blog and read this very UNIQUE interview with James.

2. You get to hang out at the party of all parties on Tuesday at #DevilColony on twitter. (Expect some big names to be there ~ Stay tuned for more details.)

3. Come back for more big news between now and Tuesday (hint, it rhymes with schmrizes)

The Devil Colony: A Sigma Force Novel


(PS – Dude wrote Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls – you KNOW you’re going to love his books!!)