Wildfire Danger!

With all the wildfires burning up the west right now, I wanted to touch on evacuation.  There’s an uncertainty to a wildfire:

  • which way will it turn
  • will the wind pick up or die down
  • how far can a flame jump
As our subdivisions push further into undeveloped areas, and with the current drought and higher temperatures across the nation, we’re at a higher danger for fires.
Even if you don’t live close to a large open area or forested section, don’t cross fire off as an unlikely predator.  There were over 362,000 fires that caused over 6.6 billion in damage according to the most recent info.
What would you do?  What would you take?  How fast can you evacuate your house/your town?  Where would you go?  What route would you take?
Take a few minutes today to write out a 20-minute evacuation list and plan.  If you’d like a template, go here.
Run a fire drill this week with the whole family.  Where’s your meetup point?  (luckily, I’m such a crappy cook we have LOTS of opportunities to practice our fire drills–I make the boys do one every time the fire alarm goes off)
Be Prepared.  Stay safe.


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