Not sure how this has gone under my radar, but facebook was kind enough to recommend Utah Co-op as a friend.

Utah CoOp’s Website

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They’re open every Thursday, 11-2
Friday, 11-6
Saturday, 11-6

So far, a constant sale seems to be cheese for nearly free ($1-$4), bread for nearly free, CLOTHES for nearly free.

A Co-Op is a community owned grocery store. The employees are volunteers and the objective is to create opportunities for healthy eating for a lower price. Since the food is local, it also supports local growers and businesses. Overhead in a Co-Op is low and consists of rent since the workers volunteer.

Healthy eating is expensive! But critical to maintaining overall health and wellness. A CoOp brings the prices down so it’s affordable to eat healthy.

I probably won’t make it down there this weekend (DANGIT), but I’d love to know if anyone’s been yet. I’m SO excited we finally have a CoOp. My little brother (The Chef) took me to one when he lived in fancy-pants Vermont and it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

For those of you not in Utah, do you have a CoOp where you live?