When the Search and Rescue call comes at 1:30 AM, for a fleeting second, I wish we were chess players with no outdoor skills or resources.

But we’re not, and so, in the selfless act of service, my husband crawled out of his warm bed, tossed his snowmobile gear in the truck, hooked up the sleds, and raced toward the mountain to search for a lost brother of an in-law.

The missing man didn’t return to his cabin last night, and the rest of the party couldn’t search for him because he had the keys to the remaining snowmobiles with him. Helicopters were dispatched to search with infrared, and my husband and brother in law are on the teams of snowmobile riders set to begin searching on the ground at first light.

It’s 2:30 AM, and 19 degrees out.

Praying for a safe return of all.

UPDATE: The chopper infrared found him at 4am this morning!! yay!