The Women’s Conference

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Today and tomorrow are my favorite days of the year as a woman.

I have other amazing days as a mom, and a wife, and a football fan, and a gardener, and a party girl. But today, I get to recharge my woman batteries. The core of me – the power of my soul, the depth of my spirit.

Today is the first day of The Women’s Conference. An amazing gathering of women in California, and sometimes they allow a few worthy men to speak :)

I love this conference because it speaks to my spirit, and how to be a better me. Back to that list above, not a better wife, mom, football fan…because all of those come as a result, but this is about me at my most cellular level. Past conferences included topics about measuring my life with the “right” yardstick, and finding my own power instead of stealing borrowing it from others through thoughtless words, or demeaning tactics. Learning new ways to recharge and what power means. 

To say I have come away from these two days with some of the greatest nuggets of my life, is not an exaggeration. 

Sometimes, as women, we forget how beautiful and powerful we are. We lose our sense of community in our quest for sense of self. It is through lifting each other we become greater.

If you have a moment over the next two days, pop over to The Women’s Conference and watch the webcast. The lineup is amazing, and I can promise — based on previous events — any moment you watch will be perfect, amazing and a powerful nugget of wisdom.

View the Webcast for The Women’s Conference HERE


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