Changing my 3 Wishes.

pen and notebook

I had the good fortune to spend the entirety of last week with a room full of professional writers and the genius on all things craft and business, Dave Farland. Dave is suspending his writing classes to go make his bestselling series, RUNELORDS, into a blockbuster movie. After listening to him for a week, I have no doubt he’ll be wildly successful.

During the class, and every day since coming home, I’ve wavered between the highest highs and the lowest lows. Reveled in the “secrets” of writing Dave imparted, and stumbled on my lack of confidence in my own writing. After reading Steven Pressfield’s WAR OF ART and DO THE WORK, I know the fears of my ability are simply Resistance trying to keep me from success, and I’m pushing forward, though it would be so much easier to just give up because I’m such an infant writer, have so far to go, and may never find my stride.

Back in the day, my Three Wishes for a Genie were the shallow simple ones: Money, Health, 3 more wishes.

Today I decided I have one wish: The gift of storytelling. To be able to craft a story so vivid it transports my readers, defies them to hang on through the emotional rollercoaster with precisely timed hills and valleys, curves, and loopdey-loops, makes them cry and plead for release as it nears the climax, and fills them with a rush of completion as they turn the last page.

Until then, I’ll keep beating my head against this door until I get it.